Prices for swimming lessons

Prices until 31-12-2018:

Group lesson 45 minutes € 20,00 per lesson
Private lesson 30 minutes € 55,00 per lesson
Private lesson 45 minutes € 75,00 per lesson

Prices from 01-01-2019 *:

Groep lesson 45 minutes € 22,00 per lesson
Private lesson 30 minutes € 60,00 per lesson
Private lesson 45 minutes € 85,00 per lesson

Alle genoemde prijzen zijn inclusief btw, tevens hoeft u bij ons géén inschrijfgeld te betalen.

Floats, tests and diplomas

Floats                         € 25.00 per set
Interim test A             € 30.00 
Swimming diploma    € 35.00 per session

All listed prices include BTW (Dutch sales tax). There is no registration fee.
The trial lesson is free and without obligation.

How do I pay for the swimming lessons?
You can pay via direct debit or individually for each lesson via iDeal. All payments must be made before the start of the next month in order to secure a place for your child. 

Catch-up lessons
Sometimes your child might not be able to make a group lesson. Please remember that, where circumstances permit, you must cancel any lessons you or your child are unable to attend via the website. You can book the catch-up lesson online so it can be taken at another time. Catch-up lessons are subject to availability. This allows you to plan lessons for exactly the time you want, depending on your own agenda.