Our method has been carefully devised on the basis of teaching in “micro-teach” situations. This means small groups with a lot of individual attention given to your child. By working with floats, we reduce the physical demands and speed at which the child has to work. This enables the child to easily learn new movements in a controlled environment. The combination of highly trained teachers with mainstream education training in a micro-teach situation is also the best way to help your child pass the swimming ABC in the fastest, most pedagogically sound and safe manner possible. Removing your child's fear of water: this is what we achieve over the course of training. This improves the learner’s self-confidence, which also helps to accelerate the training.

The difference compared to other swimming schools
The majority of swimming schools in the Netherlands still use the outdated ‘pools method’. In this method, large groups of children, sometimes up to 15 children per teacher, work up to higher levels. Each level is covered by a different teacher. This inefficient method is not only educationally disadvantageous, but a child who is not such a quick-learner can also remain in a particular phase for an unnecessarily long time. 

ZERO2HERO avoids the problems described above by using a method that is focused on the individual, using floats, teachers who have completed the top standard of teacher training, and smaller groups of no more than five children per teacher.